Request Pick Up

Farmer requests pick up from her/his farm on the app

Driver recieves Request

Pick up van driver receives the pickup request with exact location

Pick up

Everyday in the evening our pick up van goes for door to door collection of vegetables from the farmers


We then transport all the collected vegetables to the nearest local market where we have collaborated with businessman


Mandi businessman sells the vegetables and updates the status on the app. Farmers receive instant notification when their vegetables are sold. Farmers can check the rate at which the vegetables have been sold and the amount that has been sold.

Farmer receives payment

When the vehicle goes for the pickup the very next day, farmer receives payment for the last day's vegetable

Kickstarting the rural economy

Farmlift helps farmers to sell their fresh vegetables in the local market on the daily basis through its platform. Farmers do not have to wait for other farmers to harvest their vegetables in order to arrange transport in a cooperative manner to reduce costs and increase safety. Farmlift helps farmers in earning a small amount everyday which adds up in a significant sum of money at the end of every month. Creating a daily source of income is crucial to farmers who rarely see any continuous income throughout the year, as it provides them with the liquidity which they can spend on daily needs

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Our Mission

Solve Transport

Provide efficient and reliable daily transport for carrying fresh vegetables to the market


Safety for farmers

Carrying vegetables to the local market during midnight is dangerous for the lives of a tired farmer who has worked in the farm for the entire day


Daily Income

We encourage farmers to grow vegetables round the year as they no longer have to bother about its transportation and selling.


Better Lives

Farmer get more time to take rest and spend time with family as they no longer go to mandis for selling vegetables


Building a community

We aspire to build a community of connected farmers through our platform who can share knowledge and resources.


Bringing Home-Delivery to Rural Areas

As our vehicle goes door to door daily to collect vegetables, we are in a prime position to solve the home delivery problem in rural areas.


Making Farmers Tech Friendly

We encourage farmers to use technology as an assistant in farming. We organize monthly interaction with Agriculture experts to inspire farmers to adopt new methods of farming


Engaging youth in farming

Farming has become a dying occupation. We encourage youth to get to farming by providing them a sustainable means of income generation through vegetables.